industryprof, wide-profile company on manufacture of metal-working and engineering technics, designing and manufacturing, the equipment, spare parts up to the development, release and regulation of technological lines, installation and putting in operation the automatics for whole factories, manufactures.


INDUSTRIPROF has started its pathway in 2006, providing services in conveyor systems maintenance, metal supply, sales of spare parts, representing well-known European brands on gear motors, conveyor belts, chains and other equipment components. Step by step we began our own manufacture of belt conveyors for quarries, chain (scraper) and screw augers for grain, wood chips and sawdust.

After merging with a field-specific company we began producing pellet and briquette plants. During the operation the company has built 8 plants in three countries.

Our clients - pellet producers felt the need of loading and unloading of wagons, loading products on ships at sea ports. It was the occasion to make loading of ships and loading and unloading of bulk material from wagons.

INDUSTRIPROF has acquired productive experience in the production of energy-efficient and reliable equipment for bulk cargo in port conditions. In working with bulk cargo with high dusting and easily combustible materials we have found solutions for intrinsically safe equipment operation.

All units produced by the company are based on the long standing experience which excludes gross errors and quickly breaking assemblies and provides maximum energy efficiency, as well as safe and clean transport of materials.

We treat each customer as an individual project. These projects include assistance in the selection of necessary equipment, technical solutions, design for solutions approval, design, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment, training of the customer’s staff.

INDUSTRIPROF changes and evolves with the needs of customers and the market. Currently we have mastered all kinds of equipment for the transport of bulk materials, pallets, logs and boards. We practice the maintenance of the equipment of our customers after the warranty period.

The company has a staff of highly skilled professionals, welders and mechanics, planners and designers at its production site which is located at the plant in Daugavpils. The company invests in the training and development of its employees.

The goals and development concept of the company, its mission is to produce energy-efficient and reliable equipment for:

Plants for the production of pellets;

Lines of log barking;

Logistics of production processes;

Loading and unloading of bulk materials on the railway;

Loading ships and shipping containers;

Conveyors for quarries;

Transport of waste.

INDUSTRYPROF aims to become a leader in these fields of activity. The company's policy is based on long-range relationships with customers and investors. Among the long-term goals of the company there are increased production and the extended product assortment.

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