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    They are intended for transportation of any material. It is also universal at a choice of length, efficiency and lifting angle. The materials of high quality which are practically proved in various branches of manufacture are used for the whole installation. The belt conveyors are the most careful in relation to the granulated material. In the stand

ard version the conveyors have three cleaners – on the belt working surface, inside the belt and the cleaner of pulley. If necessary the cleaning of schevron / profile belt is possible. Also the choice of a brush-type cleaner is possible.

  1. Belt conveyors with steel rollers - with strengthened farm construction. They are stipulated for heavy working conditions (in rubble, dolomite, sand open mines).
  2. Z-type belt conveyors (a bow type) - the design of the belt conveyor provides the maximal economy of industrial facilities and safety of a transported material. The lifting angle may reach up to 90°. It works silently, saves power resources and it is irreplaceable in various industry branches.
  3. Belt conveyors without upper bearing rollers. As the belt support a polyethylene sliding surface is used. The construction consists of easy-mounted modules which make possible fast installation of equipment without use of an additional technics (lifting cranes, elevators). Advantages: restrictive boards for prevention of material sliding on sides, comparatively low production costs. Weak points: for the sake of the strengthened friction with a conveyor belt it is not recommended to use a section longer than 20-30 m.
  4. Belt conveyors for the food - processing industry: are made of a material intended for the food-processing industry according to statutory acts of EU.
  5. Module type belt conveyors - these are standartized belt frame constructions which can be conveniently extended and established, and are light in exploitation. Suited for transportation of light material, conveniently integrated into and fixed at plants and manufactures. The small weight allows to install the equipment fixing its cables to moving constructions.

    Available options for conveyors :

  • Are supplied with the wheels for transportation of conveyor or for placing a material on radius (for stability)
  • Hydraulic changeable height of the conveyor (lifting angle)
  • Changeable speed of belt motion (efficiency)
  • Safety detectors: belt rotation for installation of the speed mode; the detector for definition of the belt critical lateral shift; for definition of overflow of the bunker at reception of a material; safety cables along the conveyor
  • Magnetic separator of metal parts from the transported material
  • Conveyor tape installation
  • Smooth launching and smooth stop

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