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Debarking line of logs
Debarking line


By reason of economical production of high-quality premium wood pellets (also to save rollers and dies) , MDF and OSB plates it is necessery to debark the raw material. INDUSTRYPROF provide system concepts for all log assortments. Depending on the log dimensions and the required capacity alternative machine combinations are available. The latest generation of industrial log debarker allows variable adjustments to changing requirements, as debarking quality, capacity. Our strength lays also in this case in the total planning and realisation.

Debarking lines for low quality wood is mainly designed for debarking and chipping pulp wood, extremely curve logs or logs, which cannot be used for mechanical woodworking for any another reasons. Such logs are to be chipped for further processing. 

Singulated log feeding is not required here. The line is specially designed for debarking of heterogeneous batches, its capacity being 30-100 m³ of logs per hour, depending on the debarker and the chipper capacity and desired debarking quality.


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