About us

INDUSTRYPROF LATVIA Ltd is industrial equipment engineering and production company, launched on year 2006. We ensure both individual equipment design, production and assembly, as well as complex transport and conveyor system design and realization. Production and assembly is organized in two production facilities in Tukums and Riga. On the basis of establishing permanent cooperation with our partner companies we are able to organize also significant production capacity for large projects. Our main specialty is non-standard and individual solution development that allows our customers to improve their profitability of production and logistic processes.

Our team:

Our team consists of innovative enthusiasts and experienced metalworking specialists. In our opinion, that kind of extensive team is able to challenge and succeed any complexity task. Thus, this phylosophy is hidden in our company name – INDUSTRYPROF LATVIA.

Our clients:

Companies which represent leading industrial fields, such as:

  • Manufacturing companies ( woodworking, food production, agriculture )
  • Processing companies ( waste recycling, mining of mineral recources )
  • Logistic companies ( ports and railway companies )
  • Energy and service companies ( renewable energy production and thermal energy services )

France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia and many other countries representing world wide known branded companies which guarantee the highest quality standarts of our products. Our relations is one of the greatest values in our company which is left behind only by our value to our team and clients.

Our products:

We are always ready for new challenges, thus, verifying our competence in both standart and innovative metalworking solutions. Our scope makes each of our products as individual as our client – this is our specialization.

Wood pellet factories;

Bricket factories;

Debarking lines (debarkers);

Conveyors of log (log conveyors);

Unloaders of wagons (hopper type wagon unloaders);

Shiploaders (loading of bulk material to ship) ;

Loading of railway wagons;

Unloading of rairway wagons ;

Wagog cleaning systems (brush type cleaners) ;

Waste recycling conveyors and sorting systems;

Dump track receivers Sea container loaders